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Language and literature are the two faces of culture . There are three languages used in Tigray. These are Tigrigna, Kunama, and saho(Erob). Our country (ethiopia) is one of those few known countries which have their own alphabates and ancient civilizations. Geez, the mother language for Tigrigna, Amharic,Tigre and other Semitic languages was a language of religion, philosophy, education ,arts and medicine in its climax and was a medium of communication. For a number of reasons gradually geez was only used in the church . Tigrigna is the official language and medium of of instruction In tigray region. However, this does not mean that the language has reached its climax in all aspects, it needs continuous studies and search. The condition of the kunama and erob languages is also another concern of the association. Therefore, the cultural Association of Tigray has conducted two symposium. 1995 and 2007. Based on the recommendations of the two symposia. It was suggested that a language academy that manages and deals with the study as sib as possible the association is striving for this .